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Depth under keel m


Time: 16:06

Tide height: 4.17m above chart datum

Tide is falling

Next High Tide Today

Depth under keel: 7.84m

Time: 23:30

Height: 7.01m above chart datum

Next Low Tide Today

Depth under keel: 4.49 m

Time: 17:30

Height: 3.66m above chart datum

In next 24 hours

Time tide is next at current height: 19/04/2021 19:08

Time boat will dry:

Minimum anchor cable at next high water

Chain (4x): 31.36m -- 17.15 fathoms

Rope (6x): 47.04m -- 25.72 fathoms

N.B. The blue line indicates the current tide level.

The times displayed are adjusted for British Summer Time when applicable.

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